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Message sex me maybe

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And sleeping over for the night wrapped in each others arms is also an option.

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A funny thing happened to me this weekend that hasn't happened to me since my college days I got what I can only assume was a total booty text! To be fair, message sex me maybe my college days, it would have been a booty zex message. Texting wasn't really a thing yet in those olden timey days.

I figure, given the middle of the night timing of that communication, it was the kind of text meant to messagf. It didn't even lead to a response.

But the Twitterverse was buzzing this weekend with trending topic textsthatleadtosex so maybe some people had better luck with their texts. Here are a few examples I.

Have you even sent or received any texts like these? Got a better example to share?

And seriously, when's the last time you got booty texted? More thoughts on love from Twitter: Topics twitter dating dating men hooking up relationships sex social media what men think. Read More. By Rosa Ruvalcaba Serna.

Pay Negotiation Talks Between U. By Abby Gardner.

By Christopher Rosa. By Julyssa Lopez.