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Mr good man

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Style Skin: He usually cusses or uses crude, sexual dialogue mainly using "fuck" or any form of the word in every sentence. He also makes homosexual threats such as ripping off nipples and sewing his ballsack to people who don't pay their "house payments. In mr good man episodes, when he was a cop, he gokd mr good man arch-enemy of Black Yoshi and Tyrone.

He is currently the wealthiest character in SML and loves his Lamborghini. He is known for his countless number of jobs, sometimes having them all at the same time. He is also known for constantly demanding Mario's money as fake house payments mr good man are apparently past his due dates.

Goodman (SuperMarioLogan) | Villains Fanon Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

He was mr good man head police chief since up to and was the landlord of the mr good man complex. He used to dislike crimes and criminals, but now, he loves crimes, and he loves criminals he himself is black trannys fuck implied to be a powerful crime bossbut he does not like crimes that happen to him, which could mean criminals stealing his cash and he does not like working for criminals.

Goodman is the richest character next to King Strongbottom in the SML series, but because goodd that, he tends to be very rude and overreacting. In the older episodes of SML, Goodman used to be a very benevolent person who helps others when they have problems.

However, since the later episodes, he live sex webcam in Sodi Basti no longer the man that he used to be: He's always trying to get money, even if mr good man means suing companies for little to no reasons, like water on the floor or being slightly hit by one of the company's cars.

mr good man

Whenever a person is late on mr good man their debt to him, he flips out, insults them, and says they fucked. He is a complete tyrant and will constantly bully Mario and even threaten him with cruel and unusual punishments since he can easily bribe the police.

These threats include biting off Mario's ballsack, sewing his ballsack to Mario's mouth, tearing off Mario's nipples by giving him a purple nurple and then eating his nipples, turn Mario's balls into applesauce, stretching Mario's nipples out to use as a jump rope and shoving mr good man screwdriver up Mario's ass. Bird Mojo Jojo Mr.

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