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Publicly declaring your love in front of friends and family in a formal ceremony, and then signing a marriage license that legally seals the deal can make your twosome feel meaningful in a way that simply living together long-term might not. A marriage contract puts a where do people get married shell around your relationship that helps keep your bond strong when there are bumps gett the road—it gives couples a sense peiple security that they'll stay together no matter.

Plus, it's harder to leave if everyone you know identifies you as being part of a married couple, as opposed to an marfied person who happens to be dating so and so.

You'll Feel and Act Like a Team.

Also, one interesting thing that where do people get married when people get married is what theorists call "transformation of motivation": You start to work together to achieve the best outcomes for you both, as opposed to acting on your own to get the things that you each want. Where do people get married, you take on one another's dreams and form a new set of mutual goals.

It's common for married couples to settle into a sense of rootedness and calm—whereas pre-wedding, they were more adrift, unsure of where they'd be living or what they'd be doing a year or two down the line.

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Because marriage is the hwere level of commitment that where do people get married society recognizes, once you're hitchedyou can sit back and feel content that you've reached that hope of a lifelong, satisfying, loving relationship.

You'll probably have lots of different relationships over the years, but you hopefully will only have one spouse.

Singling out your man peop,e the one you chose to marry says that he means more to you than any other dude you've dated: There Are Practical Benefits, Too. Obviously, you shouldn't tie the knot for the tax breaks.

But there are wgere useful advantages that couples who are just cohabitating don't. For instance, if either of you ends up in the hospital, you can visit each other because you're related.

You can also share benefits like healthcare and social security. And if you have kids, they'll be supported even if you do split up.

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Despite the stereotype of married people having boring sex lives, research has shown that they actually get it on way more than single people. Seth Meyers, PhD, author of Dr. marriee

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