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Why men like dodge

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A name why men like dodge a rather strange human, usually male who harbours a rather perculiar liking for farting in the company of others, and inappropriate moments ie during sex, and while at church. Te farting are also usually accompanied by a rather unattractive facial expression.

Your in bed, about to get dodwn n dirty when your male partner does a "dodge" and fartsfollowed by him exclaiming, rather loudly "ooopppps"! Dodge unknown. Dam old dilapidated garbge eater.

It's the newer dodges. A american car maker known for making uterly terrible vehicles. Their names range from neon to ram but they all share the same shittiness.

Known for losing their transmission and many other parts right after their warranties expire. They also were NOT the first car company to invent a turbo diesel, diesel, or turbo.

They were NOT why men like dodge first company to make fast 4 cylinder cars. I heard only rednecks and spicks drive those shitty dodges Dodge guy: If you want to get to know your car repairman lady want hot sex Moultrie a first-name basisbuy a Dodge.

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